BlogA Clear Path to Diagnosis: Open MRI Excellence at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony

At Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, we understand that undergoing an MRI scan can be a daunting experience for some. That’s why we’ve adopted open MRI technology, a state-of-the-art method designed to put patient comfort and care at the forefront.


This advanced technology provides a more spacious and less intimidating environment than traditional MRI machines, making the experience much more comfortable and less stressful for our patients. Read on to learn why our open MRI services set the standard for diagnostic imaging excellence.

The Advantages of Open MRI

An MRI scanner can capture images of various body parts, such as the head, joints, abdomen, legs, and more, from different imaging angles. These images offer valuable information to doctors and aid in diagnosing a diverse range of diseases and conditions.


The patient examination table is within a lengthy cylindrical tube in typical MRI scanners. However, this design poses limitations for larger patients and can trigger claustrophobic reactions in some individuals.


Open MRI systems have been developed to address these drawbacks, where the patient is positioned between two plates. This innovation helps overcome these challenges and provides a more accommodating experience.


Moreover, open scanners provide extra room for patients and operators, allowing for capturing images while undergoing physiological stress. This feature also allows for comfortable monitoring of sedated or unconscious patients.

Streamlining Patient Experience with Our MRI Services

Now that you know the benefits of open MRI scans, it’s time to learn how we use this technology to enhance patient care at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony. Below are some highlights of our open MRI services:


  • Brain: Our expert radiologists can perform a variety of scans, including those for brain lesions, tumors, brain function mapping, and more, utilizing our open scanner.


  • Spine: In an open MRI, we can obtain high-resolution images of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. Our radiologists can look for spinal cord tumors, abscesses, herniated discs, and other conditions.


  • Abdomen and Pelvis: Our system can capture images for conditions related to the liver, uterus, pancreas, or blood vessels. Pregnancy patients may also be scanned safely.


  • Upper and Lower Extremity: Our radiologists can precisely diagnose injuries or deformities in the arms, legs, shoulders, hands, feet, and more using our open scanner.


  • Arthrogram: This specialized examination method evaluates joint dysfunction or instability, and our MRI system is ideal for this type of procedure.


  • Face and Neck: The wide opening of our open MRI machine makes it possible to image the neck and face areas without any disturbance, allowing for swift diagnosis.

Experience Comfort and Precision with Our Open MRI Services

The open MRI services at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony exemplify our commitment to prioritizing patient well-being throughout the diagnostic imaging. By embracing cutting-edge technology, we have successfully transformed the MRI experience into a more comfortable and less intimidating journey for our patients.


Are you ready to experience diagnostic imaging with comfort and precision? Contact one of our skilled physicians at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony to discuss how our open MRI services can meet your specific needs. Take the next step towards personalized and patient-focused care today.