Calcium Scoring

Discover Your Heart Health with Calcium Scoring

At Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, your heart health is our top priority. We understand that a healthy heart is the key to a vibrant life, and we’re committed to providing you with the most advanced imaging services to ensure your cardiovascular well-being. One such service we offer is Calcium Scoring, a powerful tool that can help you understand your heart’s condition better than ever before.

What is Calcium Scoring?

Calcium Scoring is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows us to assess the health of your coronary arteries. These arteries supply vital oxygen and nutrients to your heart muscle. Over time, calcium deposits can build up within these arteries, which can be an early sign of coronary artery disease (CAD) – a leading cause of heart attacks.

Our highly skilled team uses state-of-the-art technology to perform Calcium Scoring. During this painless procedure, a specialized CT scanner captures detailed images of your heart, measuring the amount of calcium present in your coronary arteries. The results are then converted into a Calcium Score, which helps determine your risk of developing heart disease.

Why Choose Calcium Scoring at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony?

1. Accuracy: Our cutting-edge CT scanner delivers precise and detailed images, ensuring the most accurate Calcium Score assessment possible.

2. Early Detection: Detecting calcium buildup in your arteries early can be a crucial step in preventing heart disease, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular issues.

3. Customized Care: Your Calcium Score results will guide our experienced medical team in tailoring a personalized heart health plan just for you.

4. Peace of Mind: Knowing your heart’s condition can provide you with peace of mind and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.

When you choose Calcium Scoring at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, you can expect a seamless and patient-centered experience.

Your comfort and well-being are our priority, and we are dedicated to providing a stress-free and informative experience during your visit.

Take the First Step Toward a Healthier Heart

Don’t wait to prioritize your heart health. Schedule your Calcium Scoring appointment at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony today and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you. Your heart deserves the best care, and we are here to provide it.

Choose Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony for Calcium Scoring – because your heart deserves nothing less than excellence.

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