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Are you googling “Open MRI Houston”? Is the thought of an MRI scan stressing you out? Understandably, being in a tight space for an extended period is only sometimes appealing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Through open MRI, Houston-area radiologists are making these scans more accessible and comfortable than ever before.

With its wider opening, an Open MRI accommodates larger body types (or those concerned about confined spaces) and allows radiologists greater flexibility while performing scans. Learn more about how this scan can help relieve stress and provide higher-quality imaging care.

What is an Open MRI and How Does It Differ From a Traditional MRI Scanner

An open MRI is a type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine that allows more flexibility to scan larger patients or those who may have difficulty lying still on the traditional closed machines.

Open MRIs work the same way as the traditional scanner, but instead of the patient laying within a tube-like device, they are open to the room and surrounded by cylindrical magnets. The main difference between an open MRI and a traditional one is that an open MRI has no tunnel or cylinder enclosing the patient during their scan.

This can make it easier for people with claustrophobia and obese patients who would not fit comfortably into a closed scanner’s tube. Open MRI also provides more comfort to patients as they can see and hear any medical staff in the room while inside the machine.

Benefits of Open MRI Houston

Open MRI in Houston machines are an excellent option for those who need medical imaging but fear enclosed spaces. They provide the following benefits:

  1. Increased Comfort: Open MRIs represent an ideal choice for those who struggle with claustrophobia as they enable you to remain in an open space while still producing high-quality images. As such, it can make patients feel significantly calmer during the imaging.
  2. Faster Results: Open MRIs are known for their speed. Since the patient can move around freely during imaging, it speeds up the process and reduces the time needed to take images. This is especially helpful in emergencies where time is of the essence.
  3. More Detailed Images: By allowing greater freedom of movement and enabling a more comprehensive range of angles to be captured, open MRI technology provides images with more detail than traditional machines. This allows medical professionals to get a better look at hard-to-reach areas that other methods may have obscured.
  4. Lower Radiation Exposure: Open MRIs have lower levels of radiation exposure than standard MRI machines due to their shorter scanning time and higher-resolution images. This makes it a safer option for those particularly sensitive to radiation who frequently need imaging.
  5. Convenience: Open MRIs offer greater comfort as they can be used in smaller or more specialized places than traditional MRI machines. This means patients can get the imaging they need closer to home, making it easier and less taxing on their time and energy.

Trusted open MRI in Houston

Open MRI at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony in Houston, Texas, is an ideal way for individuals to fully view what’s happening within the body. This provides immense relief for those who do not enjoy being in closed spaces and opens various unmatched diagnostic capabilities.

Our open MRI in Houston offers a level of detail and resolution far beyond what traditional units may provide. But more than that, our advanced technology offers faster processing and quicker results—a vital factor in accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. If you need an open MRI,  don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians today.