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Early detection and proactive healthcare are crucial steps in managing potential health issues. The non-invasive procedure of an Open MRI provides comfort and diagnostic accuracy, helping patients who may experience anxiety or have special needs.

At Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, our high-field, open-sided MRI system goes beyond patient comfort. It can accommodate most patients with quality imaging and an accurate diagnosis, helping to identify potential health issues early on.

What Is Open MRI?

An Open MRI is short for Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a medical procedure that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce 3D images of the body’s internal structures. Its benefits include detecting chronic diseases and easing treatment monitoring.

Compared to a traditional closed MRI, which requires patients to enter a small-spaced tunnel, the open space provides a more comfortable experience. The Open MRI has wide sides, giving the patient more space for comfort.

An Open MRI study by Enders et al. on claustrophobic and non-claustrophobic patients found that 91.7% preferred using the Open MRI scanner. If you’re worried about your health experience with an MRI, our physician partners are dedicated to providing you with a high degree of comfort during your visit.

Benefits of an Open MRI at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony in Sugar Land

The primary benefits of an Open MRI are comfort and precision, offering ambient music features for high comfort. According to the Massachusetts General Hospital, the open 270-degree design of the MRI also provides physician partners with a better view to monitor and communicate with the patient. This is what makes it more unique:

  • Comfortable patient experience
  • Improved image quality and diagnostic accuracy
  • Reduces scan times
  • Precise scanning around metal implants
  • Accommodates patients up to 600lbs

In addition, Open MRIs provide significant advantages for various patient needs, like greater flexibility and mobility space. This accommodates multiple positioning, where patients with wheelchairs can easily enter and exit the machine.

Is an Open MRI right for you?

While an Open MRI is suitable for a wide range of individuals, it may be particularly beneficial for those with difficulty lying flat for extended periods. This includes patients with back pain or pregnant women who may have trouble maintaining a supine position during traditional closed MRIs.

The MRI’s spacious design makes it more comfortable. This makes it suitable and less overwhelming for patients who may have claustrophobia or anxiety in tightly closed spaces. Patients with larger body types who may have difficulties finding a traditional MRI alternative can best benefit from Open MRIs.

Hate Traditional MRIs? Try Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony’s Open MRI in Sugar Land

From diverse patient needs to a comfortable imaging procedure, Open MRIs can be beneficial for early diagnosis in your health journey. Our physician partners understand how this procedure can be challenging and ensure your comfortable experience during the exam.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact one of our physician partners at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony. 

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